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Hello!  Welcome to the “linking” page to SignUpGenius.

Without you, much would be impossible to accomplish on behalf of your children at Our Lady of Lourdes School.  Witness the countless hours of time you’ve donated as classroom aides, Bingo volunteers, room parents, coaches, all your work performed at Family Fun Days, the Drama production, Children’s Choir, the myriad of PTO events, Yard Duty, and so much, more!

When you volunteer  – whether you provide baked goods or copy paper; whether you donate crayons or bandaids – it frees up the Faculty and Staff and gives each one more time and energy to devote to the Education of Your Child.  So, upon reflection, you are educating as well.  The best part of your generosity is that you are setting an example for your child(ren) in the subject area of unselfishness and kindness.

And, yes, your efforts are appreciated by crediting your Service Hours “account” so make sure you sign in and out of everything you do and have it signed off by the PIC (person-in-charge) of the event or activity.

As we build (together) more opportunities and ways to help Our Lady of Lourdes School, here are two already in place:


Yard Duty  SignUpGenius for Lunch  (click)

Yes! You receive Service Hours!  At Our Lady of Lourdes School, parents traditionally help our children and teachers by supervising on the school yard at lunch time.  The students like to see their parents work on the yard and this gives the teachers a must needed lunch break (rain or shine).

There is one adult scheduled for each grade during the lunch period Monday through Thursday. The lunch shift is 11:50 -1:00 p.m. On your assigned Yard Duty day, sign in at the school office, put on a safety vest, and take the Yard Duty clipboard with you to the lunch table area. After lunch, return the vest and clipboard to the office.

It is essential for the safety of the students that parents work their assigned shifts. However, life happens and occasionally parents are unable to make their shift. For this reason, we need substitutes we may call. If you can be a substitute, please call, Nana Thorpe (818) 284-2549.

Bingo  SignUpGenius for Bingo (click)

Yes!  You receive Service Hours!  All OLL school families are required to work one shift at BINGO on Monday evenings (the only exception to this is those who work BINGO every month).  If you choose not to work BINGO, you have two options: 1. Pay $250 per shift for unworked shifts, or 2. Hire a substitute to work your scheduled shifts. The average cost is $70.00 per shift.  For your convenience, we have provided contacts who may substitute for you:


Jenifer Repreza (818) 736-7473,  Tina Cordova (818) 437-6752,  or Kathy Koch (818) 425-0503

Each substitute has their own rate of pay for subbing for you.   There is NO RESCHEDULING option. If you miss your shift, you will be billed $250.

BINGO profits help pay for the utilities and maintenance of our school and keeps tuition affordable for ALL.